Nurse Licensure Exam Training Offered by POEA-Licensed Agency Creates Dozens More RNs

Nurse Licensure Exam Training Offered by POEA-Licensed Agency Creates Dozens More RNs
NLE Nursing Exam Masterclass Trainers
December 12, 2022

Nurse Licensure Exam Training Offered by POEA-Licensed Agency Creates Dozens More RNs

Manila, PHI (December 12, 2022) - On the morning of November 12, 2022, more than 700 prospective nurses who participated in a free Nurse Licensure Exam (NLE) Masterclass arrived to begin the grueling two-day professional RN licensure examination. Two weeks later, on November 30, 82% of the training participants were delighted to learn they had passed. That's 8% better than the pass rate for all test takers.

The healthcare staffing agency Health Carousel Philippines funded and promoted the free, three-hour NLE Masterclass to prepare aspiring nursing students representing 200 schools across the Philippines. Three excellent nurse educators and trainers led the Masterclass:

  • Lucy Simon, PhD - Former Member of the Professional Regulatory Board of Nursing
  • Ray A. Gapuz, Jr. DSc, DMgt, RN - Academic Director and Curriculum Designer, Ray A. Gapuz Review System
  • Glenda Arquiza, PhD, RN - Former Chair of the Philippines Professional Regulatory Board of Nursing

The high pass rate of NLE Masterclass participants contributes a calculated three dozen additional licensed RNs to care for patients in the Philippines and abroad. And this is critically important at a time when a reported 40 percent of nurses in private hospitals have resigned since the pandemic began.

The training held in November marks the fourth NLE Masterclass sponsored by Health Carousel Philippines since the spring of 2021. Combined, the four Masterclasses have provided more than 12,000 hours of free training to 3,400 nurses seeking entry into the profession.

Attendees of the Masterclass were all very grateful for the free training and test-taking advice. One attendee who passed the NLE exam commented, "I am grateful to all the Health Carousel Philippines staff and Dr. Ray Gapuz. The Masterclass was a big help for me because I work and have kids, so I don't have the time needed to enroll at an NLE review center . . . May God bless you so you can help nurses achieve their dreams.

A Corporate Remedy for a National Nursing Shortage

The Philippines is currently facing a shortage of nurses and other healthcare professionals as they continue to seek employment in other industries offering higher pay, move away from the bedside owing to the pandemic, and migrate and seek jobs overseas. These forces are key contributors to a shortfall of around 194,000 healthcare workers, according to the Philippines Department of Health (DOH). 

Health Carousel Philippines and Health Carousel, LLC, has a history of seeking out and creating programs such as this NLE Masterclass to develop and grow the supply of nurses in the Philippines and across the globe. It's part of their corporate culture, and collectively these efforts make up their joint "Light the Way" initiative that focuses on global nursing sustainability, ethical recruitment, and professional development. A few of their other corporate nurse sustainability endeavors include nursing faculty development scholarships, need-based scholarships, and nursing recognition programs.

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Since our inception in 2004, Health Carousel has maintained its Light the Way initiatives, through which all our programs and activities promoting ethical recruitment practices and nursing sustainability globally have been funneled.

We are one of the largest U.S. healthcare staffing firms and have been awarded numerous industry awards, including Best of Staffing Diamond Award by ClearyRated and are listed on the Fastest-Growing US Staffing Firms by Staffing Industry Analysts.

Health Carousel and Health Carousel Philippines have received the status of Certified Ethical Recruiter by the Alliance for Ethical Recruitment Practices, a nonprofit organization that promotes the fair, transparent recruitment of global healthcare workers for employment in the USA. Health Carousel is a proud member of the Business Ethics Leadership Alliance and has achieved the Gold Seal of Approval from the Joint Commission.