Health Carousel Foundation Sponsors DAISY Awards for Nurses in Ghana

Health Carousel Foundation Sponsors DAISY Awards for Nurses in Ghana
April 21, 2023

Health Carousel Foundation Sponsors DAISY Awards for Nurses in Ghana

Accra, GHA (APR 13, 2023) – The DAISY Foundation, with support from the Health Carousel Foundation, is proud to announce the first presentation of DAISY Awards for Extraordinary Nurses in the country of Ghana. The awards were all a part of the country's celebration of World Health Day, which fell on April 7. 

A ceremony held at the British Council Hall recognized the compassionate patient care of ten nurses. Representatives of the Ghana Ministry of Health, universities, and hospitals attended the event. Also present was Bonnie Barnes, co-founder of the DAISY Foundation.

Dr. Thomas Nii Teiko Tagoe, Accra West Regional Officer, Nursing and Midwifery Council of Ghana, was instrumental in bringing the DAISY Award program to the country. He collected and shared with the Foundation inspirational stories of compassionate care for several of the award recipients.

Gloria Sarkodie Addo

As a resident nurse specialist in community mental health and rehabilitation with 18 years of experience in Ghana, Gloria has dedicated her life to improving mental health, well-being, and community mental health nursing. Her passion for helping those in need led her to initiate and champion a psychosocial rehabilitation day care and counseling center at Dodowa to address the psychosocial needs and well-being of clients, relatives, and the community.  

In recognition of her outstanding contributions to mental health, Mrs. Gloria Sarkodie Addo received the Daisy Awards, The Health Heroes Award and was inducted into the Oxygen Health African Hall of Fame. 

Her dedication, courage, and compassion in the face of adversity are remarkable, and she inspires us all.

Above is Ms. Gloria (Left) in a pose with the Medical Director of her Facility, Shai Osudoku Hospital, Dodowa in the Greater Accra Region of Ghana

Aisha Bawa

With over ten years of experience working with the Ghana Health Service, Aisha has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to promoting maternal and neonatal health in the country. She is pursuing a specialty in neonatal nursing with the Ghana College Of Nurses And Midwives. 

Aisha's dedication and commitment to maternal and neonatal health have seen her become a facilitator for Women's Health to Wealth and PATH organization, where she trains healthcare providers to help babies breathe at birth and thrive. She is also passionate about primary healthcare. She educates pregnant women in less privileged communities on safe pregnancy and early child care during Antenatal Care, social gatherings, and social media platforms. Her compassion and empathetic approach to her clients and their families earned her several awards, including the regional best nurse/midwife award in the Ashanti region and the national best nurse/midwife in 2021. 

Aisha's innovations in the healthcare sector are remarkable, and they have made a significant impact on the lives of many mothers and newborns in Ghana.

Aisha (above second from the left) with colleagues at her facility in Manhyia District Hospital, Kumasi of the Ashanti region of Ghana)

Lance Corporal Nwakan Johnson

The impact of Nwakan as a nurse may best be expressed by sharing this patient's story. "I met Lance when my mum was admitted to the 37th Military Hospital. He proved to be an exceptional nurse. Unfortunately, shortly after admittance, my mom became highly depressed upon learning of the death of my elder brother. Nurse Johnson made my mom first laugh again by singing and dancing Agbadza,  a local dance form. Then, through his counseling, my mom got her joy back. His actions and care touched my heart and my mother's as well. My mother, our entire family, and I are grateful to Johnson for making our mom smile for the first time in three weeks. The joy he brought did not stop there. After my mom was discharged, he visited her at home and managed once again to make her sing and express her feelings.

ABOVE:  L/Cpl. Johnson (above in military uniform) with colleague senior nurses of the 37 Military Hospital

Elizabeth Nana Hansen 

Elizabeth is an unsung hero and a true legend in the nursing field. It is no exaggeration to say that she is one of Ghana's most exceptional healthcare professionals in the field of burns care. 

Her contributions and dedication to the nursing profession are outstanding, and she is a role model for nurses everywhere. As a senior nursing officer at the Burns and Plastic Surgery Unit of Korle Bu Teaching Hospital, Elizabeth has demonstrated unparalleled skill and expertise in wound care, caring for critically ill burns patients (both adults and children). Her knowledge in these areas is unmatched. In addition, she is recognized amongst the top class in the field of burns nursing in Ghana because of her extraordinary and compassionate care. 

In 2020, Elizabeth was recognized as the Best Nurse of the Greater Accra Region by the Ghana Registered Nurses and Midwives Association, a testament to her excellence and the impact of her professional work.

Elizabeth's contributions to nursing go far beyond her technical skills. She is an extraordinary caregiver with a deep commitment to her patients. She works tirelessly to ensure that each patient receives the best possible care, no matter the circumstances.

ABOVE: Ms. Hansen (above left) with colleagues celebrating her award at the Burns Unit of the Korlebu teaching hospital, in Accra-Ghan

Josephine Wepiah Atogiwe

Josephine is a nurse of extraordinary caliber whose remarkable career has culminated in her receiving the prestigious President of Ghana Award and state honor for her exemplary role in COVID-19 case management at Kintampo Municipal Hospital, In Ghana. 

Despite the fear and uncertainty surrounding the deadly virus outbreak, Josephine fearlessly stepped up to the plate, taking on the daunting task of managing suspected cases in the holding bay at Kintampo Municipal Hospital. She was an outstanding team member that worked confirmed cases at the treatment center, achieving a mortality rate of less than one percent. This remarkable feat speaks volumes to her exceptional skill, dedication, and commitment to quality care.

Despite facing logistical shortages and stigmatization from colleagues and the public, Josephine's bravery and commitment shone through. She worked tirelessly, risking her health and safety to ensure patients received the best possible care, even when working with minimal staff. Josephine's story is a shining example of what it means to be a healthcare hero, and her unwavering dedication to the well-being of others inspires all those around her. 

ABOVE: Ms. Josephine Wepiah (left above) displaying her Daisy Awards in a pose with her facility Nurse Manager  

Angela Tsrakasu

Angela is a true champion for the most vulnerable in society. As a midwifery officer stationed at Avevi CHPS Zone in the Akatsi North District of the Volta Region-Ghana, Angela embodies the true meaning of heroism and selfless service. She is a beacon of hope for pregnant women and children in her community, always striving to provide them with the best care and support possible.

She sees herself on a rescue mission, using her nursing and midwifery skills to provide relief services and support to those entrusted to her care. Her devotion and hard work in delivering maternal and child health, reproductive, and OPD services have earned her acknowledgment. In 2013, The Ministry of Health recognized the Agoufie CHPS Zone, where she worked six years as the best CHPS facility in the Volta Region. 

Angela's passion for helping others has led her to identify and address various challenges pregnant women and children face in her community. Through intensive home visits, she has identified problems such as a lack of transport, decent dresses, and finances to prepare for birth, resulting in poor service delivery performance. To help address these challenges, Angela has put innovative solutions in place, such as undertaking domiciliary midwifery services, ANC motivation packs, bathing soaps, buckets, labor/PNC packs, and sanitary pads for mothers and teenagers.

ABOVE: Ms. Angela (middle, above) celebrating her Daisy award with some team members at her facility in the Volta Region of Ghana

Ms. Cecilia Ama Ampadu

Cecilia, a Retired Principal Midwifery Officer from the Ministry of Health/Ghana Health Service, is a beacon of inspiration and heroism in maternal and neonatal health. Her exceptional contributions have revolutionized childbirth in Ghana and earned her global recognition and numerous awards. Ms. Ampadu's visionary approach to childbirth led to her developing the Sitting and Squatting Delivery Chairs, which have transformed the birthing experience for women in Ghana. 

Her innovation has empowered women to choose their preferred birthing positions and significantly reduced maternal and neonatal complications and mortality. In addition, the chairs have been used successfully without complications, morbidity, or mortality in nine regions of Ghana. 

Ms. Ampadu's invention has gained international recognition as a best practice in maternal health, with her chairs being adopted as one of the West Africa Health Organization (WAHO) Good Practices for Maternal Health, certified by the Ghana Standards Authority (GSA), and certified by the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA), of Ghana. In addition, her innovation won the International Health Technology Challenge in 2019 in Rome-Italy and The African Union Public Service Innovation Award in 2013. 

She said that her compassion and commitment to the health and well-being of women and babies welfare and her dedication to reducing maternal and neonatal mortality and morbidity inspired her innovation.

ABOVE: Ms.Cecilia (middle, below) in a pose with her family 

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