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Sustainability, Development, and Ethical Recruitment of Nurses Globally

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LightING The Way

Health Carousel Foundation is lighting the way towards a brighter future for nursing. The Foundation embodies the steadfast commitment of Health Carousel to the sustainability, development, and ethical recruitment of nurses within the U.S. and across the globe.


“Every penny invested in nursing raises the well-being of people and families in tangible ways that are clear for everyone to see.”

Annette Kennedy
Past President, International Council of Nurses
Statue of Florence Nightingale

"Lighting the way to a brighter future for nursing." Our mantra pays homage to Florence Nightingale, the founder of modern nursing and known as the “The Lady With the Lamp” for the rounds she made caring for wounded soldiers, guided only by an oil lamp.

Two nurses in medical clothing

We aim to . . .


Our initiatives and programs are substantial financial and administrative commitments. Still, they are much needed to support the nursing profession and its many challenges that grew during the pandemic.


Due to existing nursing shortages, the aging of the nursing workforce, and the impact COVID-19 pandemic, the International Council of Nurses estimates up to 13 million nurses will be needed to fill the global nurse shortage gap in the future. The Health Carousel Foundation aims to lessen this shortfall of RNs globally and in the U.S.

Global Sustainability of Nurses

Explore how we are developing future generations of the nursing workforce and fostering support and recognition of today’s caregivers.
Partnerships & Investments

Professional Development and Training for Nurses

Understand what we are doing to elevate the skills of the nursing workforce in an increasingly complex patient care environment.
Partnerships & Investments

Ethical Recruitment of Nurses Globally

Learn how we support the ethical recruitment of healthcare professionals concerning the individual and their home country.
Partnerships & Investments


Thank you Health Carousel Philippines for the NLE Masterclass. This was of great help to me. You helped me achieve my goal in life of becoming a nurse. Hoping for another free Masterclass because it was very effective, especially to us who can’t afford to attend a review center on our own.

Philippines NLE Masterclass Attendees

We have been looking for the right partner to support DAISY’s global growth in under-developed countries whose leaders see the value of meaningful recognition for nurses but do not have the means for the program. In Health Carousel, we have the right partner, doing this for the right reasons.

Bonnie Barnes, FAAN
Co-Founder, The DAISY Foundation

Collaborating with Health Carousel not only is designed to expand access to advanced nursing degrees, it also supports superior quality of patient care for the communities they serve.

Karen Cox, PhD, RN, FACHE, FAAN
President, Chamberlain University

“Health Carousel is an important stakeholder, and I commend them for their many programs that address essential industry issues, such as global nursing sustainability and development.”

Mukul Bakhshi
Director Alliance for Ethical International Recruitment Practices

The scholarship that you provided me revitalized my commitment to continue to advance my nursing career. After I received the scholarship award I felt inspired and motivated to finish my studies not only for my future, but to serve my students and my country in terms of healthcare delivery. Thank you, Health Carousel Foundation!

Ronald Lapaz
Clinical Instructor, School of Nursing, University of Baguio

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